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Oil on cradled panel 11” x 14 x 3/4

This painting comes unframed but can still be hung on a wall without a frame.

This painting comes wired to hang.

….. my note about this painting:: Both kids are home today and Ana will be at a conference so it’s just the 3 of us. Since I figured that I wouldn’t get time to paint during the day I was up early adding a second layer to this another painting. Both paintings ended up fantastic. I have been experimenting/ playing around with opacity and transparency, I decided to take out the Zinc white; a paint that never use, (I typically use a premixed zinc- titanium white from Gamblin) … in this one I used the zinc white in all shadow colors and the zinc- titanium in all areas with highlights. Mid tones have a mix. This brought out color in the shadows giving the shadows, what I can best describe as a glow, and I love it ! For The second painting that I worked on this morning, I reversed the process, using the zinc white in the highlights and the zinc-titanium in the shows. Again this created an interesting contrast between light and shadow and created a glow effect. Experimenting with paint leads to more failures than successes, but when something works it’s magic.

Mount Washington February 2024 #4

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