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Oil on gallery wrapped canvas 16” x 20” x 2.5”

There is something special about this time of year, as if there is something good in the air, where everything feels relaxed and nostalgic, the world has a a bit more sparkle to it. . I often wonder what brings this sense.. perhaps it’s the extra relaxation that many of us get, or because we often get to see friends and family more often during these days. Perhaps it’s within the collective conscious, or nostalgia, a sense of shared celebration. I’ll sometimes wonder why this time of year has been celebrated through cultures and history, is there something about the changing season, does the tilt of the earth or changing weather trigger something instinctive within us, telling us to appreciate being inside and closeness with others. Which would make sense since the cold of winter comes soon after this time. What ever the reason, I like it. It’s a good feeling, that for me is most prevalent in the mornings. This image reminds me of driving to the store early on one of those mornings. … I also become aware of a lot of sadness in the world this time of year, which makes me want to be even more grateful for these mornings that are warm, and restful, and good, and hopeful that this sense of goodness brings comfort to those experiencing difficult times. Happy holidays everyone !!

Warm December Morning

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