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Oil on canvas 16” x 20” x 3/4”

Comes wired to hang on walls without framing.

Here is something more surreal then many of my other recent works. This painting was completed over 3 painting sessions. … when completing my piece “Dogwoods of March” I noticed how interesting the use of patters, textures and color transitions were. I had altered my painting process to achieve those effects and liked the result, so in this one I wanted to take that concept further. I really like the result again, but I am debating if this one takes those process alterations too far, and if the Dogwoods painting found the right balance. Or if I should take it a step further in the next painting, likely revealing something even more surreal. .. process is one of the most interesting aspects of painting for me, it’s like an instruction manual that you create for how you want to paint, and often you use the same process over and over when creating a series. Every now and then you get an itch to alter your process and something new emerges. When you paint a lot, you can see how staying disciplined to a process gives you consistent work and intentionally altering process allows for change, and as I’ve gotten better, how intentionally altering process can create desired results. Intentionally is key.

Process #2

$485.00 Regular Price
$412.25Sale Price
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