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. Kane’s Way, Oil on cradled panel 16” x 20” x 1” … west Mifflin looking across the river towards Braddock PA. … a few years back when I left my office job and made the leap towards becoming a full time painter, I had started a side business doing handyman work, which quickly took off and soon I was taking on jobs which were way to large for me to handle, I hired a few guys to help and it was taking on much more time then expected, leaving little time for painting, after all the buiness was a means to earn income so that I could make my own schedule and paint. Now of days, I am a full time painter and though may occasionally do a small one day job, it’s nice to think about where I once was and how everything that I did then, lead to this point where most days, I am doing the type of work that’s most fulfilling to me.. painting pictures, .. this scene, near Kames Way in West Mifflin, reminds me of one of those jobs, I would often think oh John Kane when driving up this hill to a renovation job that I spent two months on, and it was not until today that I even realized there was a street here named Kanes way, so I felt it fitting to title this piece after the great painter, as he also would take on all sorts of laboring jobs through his life and still found time to make his great works.

This piece comes wired to hang on a wall without framing.

Kanes Way

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