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Dreams and hopes from the Southside slopes #2, 2024, oil on cradled panel 22” x 30” x 1”….. through winter and into spring, I’ve had few showings and have been painting mostly by myself, in these long stretches where there is not much show activity, I was feeling isolated in my painting pursuits, and I found myself often questioning my process and style. Last week was my birthday, and my wife threw me the most amazing surprise party with about 30 friends and family. (Thank you to everyone who showed up! ) She had rented @mapleleafmillvale and told me on the day of the party that we were going to a show, little did I know the surprise that awaited me. When I arrived, everyone shouted surprise ! I couldn’t have been happier to see so many people, and even better, many of them had brought paintings of mine that they had collected through the years and hung on the walls of the gallery space. At this event, I had a chance to see some amazing works that I created years back. The party ended up being perfect. .. later , when I had a chance to contemplate these works , I realized that the ones that were the best, were the ones where I was loosest, and closest to the nature of what I naturally feel inclined to do with oil paint, apply it thick and lose. I realized that through the winter, I have been fighting against this inclination. And so, when deciding to finish this painting, I decided not to fight and go with the flow, the results speak for themselves.

The painting will arrive with a wire attached to the back for hanging on a wall.


10 percent off to those who pay with Zelle or Venmo !

Dreams and hopes on the Southside slopes #2, 2024

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