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Here We Go! Time to Blog

Through much of my teens and 20s, i was not too into computers, i much preferred to spend my time painting or in nature, or just doing other things, though i somehow managed to make it through college, I never jumped on the band wagons of youtube, blogging, and at the time My Space. But here i am, almost 40, writing my first blog.... its about time! if your reading this, you hopefully have had a chance to check out my paintings and are familiar with the work that I have been doing, and I am thankful that you have chosen to spend your time reading my blog. This one is more of an introduction, and I plan to write future blogs on topics related to Art and painting. For this one, i will touch on a topic which has been on my mind this morning, pricing.

For me, pricing is tough, I have two children and money is always an issue. Though I did relatively well, for a painter last year, I made just enough to fulfill our household needs. but currently have no savings, 401k, retirement, ect. I've debating on how much I would actually need to charge for works to meet the requirements for being a financially secure individual, and I haven't worked this out yet, for raising prices likely comes with a decrease in sales. its tough to not be constantly worried when your in a poor financial situation and you a relying on the ebbs and flows of sales through the year, but getting through it for me boils down to a belief that the sales will eventually come, being so in love with the craft of oil painting that I am willing to overlook all of the possible risks with choosing this path with a belief that it can and will work out somehow if I keep pushing through. And somehow, each month, it keeps working, the bills keep getting paid, and the reach of my work continues to grow, and more importantly, with all this, comes the support to allow me to continue on this path, giving nourishment to the work as it continues to grow.

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